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If you or your child are studying elementary level Math, the Blue link on the right leads to a set of selected lessons. For high school Math students, the Green and Orange links on the right lead to pages which demonstrate the main topics of high school Math.


My friend Daniel is helping me to reach students in Nigeria. The pictures below show a group of secondary school students assembled to watch one of my Math videos.

How To Use The Free Math Tutor Website:

This site is to be used as a free online tutoring service. Select the topic you wish to study, and view the video as many times as you want. For some courses, you can print the Example sheet, the Exercise sheet and the Answers sheet.

A Proud Teacher With Two Outstanding Graduates

Use the Example sheet as a model to help you answer the questions on the Exercise sheet. Then use the Answers page to correct your own work. Return to this site whenever you want a review, or to explore other topics in high school Math.

The only commercial aspect of the site is the presence of advertisements. You will not be charged to use the site or to view the correct answers.

The site is not complete for now, but will be expanded (each time I complete the filming of a new video) to eventually include every topic of elementary and high school Math.

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